We help you meet your goals by

Our approach

Including our clients in the process to ensure success.

Each project has specific goals.

Understanding the goals of a new project

We start each new project by listening. We ask our clients to talk a little about their project's purpose before we begin. Getting to know a project's purpose allows us to provide case-by-case solutions that target and meet each client's specific goals.

– Understand your project's goals.
– Establish you project's purpose.
– Learn your company's values.
– Get to know your history.

With your goals in mind.

We take your ideas into planning

Meeting your website goals can often start off like solving a puzzle that doesn't have any pieces yet. Ideation can take time but is vital to the success of any project no matter the scale. We work alongside you and your team as we formulate the pieces of your puzzle and put you on the road to a successful project. We ask questions like: "Who will visit your website?", "What will they hope to achieve at your website?", and "How do you envision them experiencing your website?". Once we have established the pieces to your puzzle we can move forward.

Due to COVID-19 Web Ok Solutions Inc. has moved all project meetings online.

– Show potential competition.
– Highlight what makes you unique in your space.
– Begin reaching your goals with planning.
– Initiate a sitemap and discuss the topic of User Journeys.

Your project starts to take shape

Bringing the ideas to life visually

With your goals set and your formulated puzzle pieces in place, we begin the design phase. We will work in 2 weeks sprints to design the web pages' components and lay them out in an order that makes solving your website goals possible. We will meet with you and/or your team at the end of each 2-week sprint to review components and web pages. We like to review on a regular basis to ensure all parties' expectations are aligned. Questions and suggestions from you and/or your team are highly encouraged at this phase as we want to ensure all aspects are ironed out before the development phase.

– Walk you through website examples.
– Provide a few design directions to choose from.
– Design components.

Your project becomes something real

With design you can see, with develop you can touch

Again, using the 2 weeks sprint format we begin to build out the website's design into working components. We check in again with online meetings to show the progress as your website comes to life. We will integrate your external systems that are part of the project's scope. i.e. Adding PayPal or Google Analytics. Your project is then tested to ensure it functions correctly on computers and all handheld devices.

– We begin building components.
– The website's functionality takes shape.
– We Integrate technologies i.e. Payment Gateways, Analytics etc.
– SEO, Accessibility, and Performance testing is performed.

The work is done, its time to show the world

The most exciting part of any project

The planning, design, developing and testing is behind us and its time to celebrate your new project by pushing the 'Launch' button! Congratulations are in order as your new website or web project is live and your visitors can now access it.

– Launch the website to the public.
– Share the new web project.
– Time to celebrate!

Listen, ideate, design, develop, and launch.

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